Soraghan Farm 2011

Soraghan Farm 2011
Patrick Soraghan/Sullivan Farm, Dennbane, Co. Cavan, 2011

About Patrick Sullivan and Rose Leddy

About Patrick Sullivan and Rose Corcoran

Not much is known about Patrick Sullivan except that he lived in Dennbane/Dennbawn, Denn Parish, County Cavan, Ireland. Records have been located which express the Sullivan last name with the Soraghan/Soroghan/Sorohan spelling. His wife, Rose (c1804-1874), is identified in various documents as having the maiden name of Leddy, McCabe and/or Corcoran. However, it is believed her maiden name was Corcoran. She also is from Ireland, most likely Drumbarry, Co. Cavan. They had at least 10 children, many which immigrated to the US. The children include: Mary (died before 1915 probably in Ireland); Rose Sullivan (died before 1915 probably in Ireland); Michael (c1829-1915); Ellen (c1830-1900); Thomas (c1831-b1901&1911 in Ireland); James (c1931-1898); Patrick (c1831-1881); Andrew (c1833-1881); Philip J. (1840-1915) [See also the Sullivan/Connor Genelaogy Blog]; and Matthew (1841-a1916). It is believed that neither Patrick nor Rose immigrated but lived and died in Ireland.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Elizabeth McCanna Sullivan Probate, Heirship Report c1883

Patrick and Rose's son Patrick, married Elizabeth McCanna in Easton, Pennsylvania, in 1855.  They had nine children, two of whom died as infants.  The younger Patrick Sullivan died in Chicago, Illinois, on January 2, 1881.  Just six months later, on July 22, his wife, Elizabeth, died leaving seven children, the youngest being only eight years old.

Elizabeth's brother-in-law, Michael Sullivan, provided information for the Proof of Heirship.  Michael Sullivan also provided the information six months earlier for his brother Patrick's Proof of Heirship.

No. 1-1702
Doc. 4, Page 158

State of Illinois
Cook County
In the Probate Court of Cook County Illinois

In the Matter of the Estate
Elizabeth Sullivan, deceased
Proof of Heirship

Michael Sullivan being first duly sworn according to law in open Court on oath doth depose and say that he was well and intimately acquainted with the said Elizabeth Sullivan deceased in her life time and was so acquainted with her for about thirty years prior to her death, the said Elizabeth being the wife of his brother Patrick Sullivan; that he said Elizabeth Sullivan and his brother the said Patrick Sullivan were married in Easton Pennsylvania in the year 1855; that as the issue of such marriage the said Patrick Sullivan and Elizabeth Sullivan had nine children born unto them viz., Rose L. Sullivan, now Rose L. Colby wife of Francis T. Colby, Michael A. Sullivan, Thomas J. Sullivan, Charles J. Sullivan, Peter F. Sullivan, Andrew Sullivan, William Sullivan, Francis P. Sullivan who died when he was about six weeks of age about twenty five years ago, and prior to the death of the said Elizabeth Sullivan and Harry Sullivan who died when he was about ten months of age about five years ago and prior to the death of the said Elizabeth Sullivan; that said Elizabeth Sullivan departed this life on or about the twenty second day of July AD 1881 leaving her surviving the said Rose L. Sullivan now Rose L. Colby wife of Francis T. Colby, she being twenty seven years of age on December 28th 1883, Michael A. Sullivan who was twenty three years of age on March 18th 1883, Thomas J. Sullivan who was twenty one years of age August 8th 1883, Charles J. Sullivan who was eighteen years of age on June 19, 1883, Peter F. Sullivan who will be sixteen years of age on November 19th 1883, Andrew Sullivan who will be fourteen years of age November 25(?)th 1883 and William Sullivan who will be eleven years of age on October 18th 1883, her children her heirs and only heirs at law; that the said Patrick Sullivan husband of the said Elizabeth Sullivan departed this life on or about the second day of January 1881 and prior to the death of said Elizabeth Sullivan. This affiant further says that he knows that the said Elizabeth Sullivan was never married to any man other than the said Patrick Sullivan and that she never had any child or children other than the ones above named. That the maiden name of the said Elizabeth Sullivan was Elizabeth McCanna.
[Signed] Michael Sullivan

[No date is on the document]

Images courtesy: Elaine M. Beaudoin

Elizabeth McCanna Sullivan Probate, Inventory 1881

The daughter-in-law of Patrick Sullivan and Rose Corcoran, Elizabeth McCanna Sullivan (1834-1881), was married to Patrick Sullivan (1832-1881). Patrick owned a grocery store at 245 W. Taylor, Chicago, prior to his death in January,1881.  Today, the 245 W. Taylor address is actually located at 772 W. Taylor. 
I believe the contents of their personal property noted below in the "Inventory" reflects furniture from their home and the type of items that would be sold in a local grocery store, minus the perishable items. This leads me to believe the grocery store was closed down, either when Patrick died or when Elizabeth died, and did not continue to be an on-going concern after their death.
No. 1-1702
Doc. 4, Page 158

In the Probate Court of Cook County Illinois
Filed Sept 29 1881

State of Illinois
Cook County
In the Probate Court of Cook County Illinois

In the matter of the Estate of Elizabeth Sullivan, deceased

The following is a full and perfect Inventory of the real and personal property so far as the same has come to the possession or knowledge of the undersigned administrator.

Real Estate

Personal Property
Cash on hand in bank  $1503.00
Forty yards of carpet, 1 sofa, 4 Rep chairs, 1 Rocker, 1 center table, 4 Brackets, 1 Rocker, 4 lamps, 2 lamps, 3 cain [sic] chairs, 1 table, 1 bureau, 1 cupboard, 1 lot of crockery, 1 stand, 1 bedstead, 1 clock, 1 bedstead and bedding, 1 cooking stove, 1 table, 1 Parlor stove, 1 bedstead, 1 cupboard, 1 looking glass, 20 gallons molasses, 15 gallons vinegar, 5 gal Kerosene, 14 boxes of axle grease, 8 woodden [sic] pails, 13 washboards, 3 lamps, 3 doz catsup, 5 lbs candles, 100 bars of soap, 2 doz lamp chimneys, 2 doz 250 envelopes, 1 lot of clothes pins, 3 doz toilet soap, 5 lbs of allspice, 1 counter scales, 1 counter scales, 1 show case, 1 counter, 8 packages baking powder, 40 lbs of starch, 1counter, 4 bottles mustard, 11 bottles of olive oile [sic], 15 pounds of bird seed, 26 cans of corn, 22 cans of peaches, 9 pounds bird seed, 46 cans tomatoes, 22 cans tomatoes, 34 pounds bird seed, 110 ¼ lbs cans baking powder, 20 cans of apples, 26 cans lima beans, 11 pounds of baking soda, 48 pounds starch, 50 bottles bluing, 13 boxes washing soda, 1 lot of sundries, 11 ½ pounds coconut, 13 packages starch, 52 sacks of salt, 4 doz lamp chimneys, 90 pounds starch, 6 scrubbing brushes, 7 pounds castile soap, 3 doz stove polish, 60 bars soap, 3 bottles olive oile [sic], 25 boxes, 6 watches, 15 boxes blacking, 16 boxes blacking, 1 packages cocoa.
All of which is most respectfully submitted
[Signed] Michael Sullivan

September 29, 1881
[Unable to read, but believe it is the notary signature]

The above transcription attempted to capture exactly the handwritten copy with the exception that commas were added to separate the list of items where commas may not have been included in the original document.


 Images courtesy: Elaine Beaudoin

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Peter J. Mulvaney - St. Gertrude Church

Peter J. Mulvaney (1868-1912), the son of  Ellen Sullivan (1830-1900 - daughter of Patrick Sullivan and Rose Corcoran) and Thomas Mulvaney (1830-1904), was influential in the creation of St. Gertrude's Parish in Chicago.  In a recent book entitled Woven Lives: One Hundred years in the Story of the St. Gertrude Faith Family, author Patrick Reardon writes:

"By 1910, Catholics living in the northern portion of St. Ita parish were chafing at the inconvenience of traveling a mile or more each Sunday for mass.  A year later, three men from the neighborhood --- Peter J. Mulvaney, P. Frank Combiths and Frank Kelley --- met with Archbishop James Quigley and made their case for a new parish.

"He agreed. And the new parish was established on January 3, 1912, with Father Peter F. Shewbridge as pastor. It was named for St. Gertrude the Great, a German mystic and theologian from the 13th century and the only female saint know as "the Great."  According to Peter M. Brost, one of the intitial group of parishioners, that name was chosen to honor Father Shewbridge's mother.

"Five days later, the parish faced its first sorrow.  Perter Mulvaney, one of the men who had met with Archbishop Quigley, died.  His funeral was at St. Ita."

The Mulvaneys lived at 1519 W. Glenlake, only a few blocks from the location of the current Church now located at 1420 W. Granville.  Peter's wife, Elizabeth, lived at the Glenlake address until 1961 when she moved to Scottsdale, Arizona, two months before she died.

Source: Patrick J. Reardon, Woven Lives: One Hundred Years in the Story of the St. Gertrude Faith Family, May, 2012, pages 15-16.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Patrick Soraghan Farm Located on Map

By comparing the information provided in Griffith's Valuation of Tenements for the Parish of Denn, Townland of Dennbane c1857, with the Ordinance Survey, Discovery Series maps, in particular # 34, it is possible to plot the piece of property occupied by Patrick Sullivan in the 1850s.

Ordnance Survey, Discovery Series, 2nd Edition, #34, Cavan

A. Location of Patrick Soraghan's farm
B. Carrickaboy Glebe Graveyard
C. St. Matthew's Church, Drumavaddy
D. General location of the Corcoran Farm

From the Griffith's map c1850s, the main road which is in yellow above, can be viewed, highlighted in green below.  The slash marks indicate the farm of Patrick Soraghan, i.e., #24a on the Griffith's Valuation of Tenements.

Griffth's Map, Valuation of Tenements, Parish of Denn, c1850s

To see the printed page of the Valuation of Tenements for the Parish of Denn, page 266, which lists Patrick Soraghan occupying parcel 24a, click here.

Carrickaboy Glebe New Cemetery

The new cemetery which serves the Roman Catholic parish of Drumavaddy is extremely well kept and has a wonderful view over the Cavan Countryside.  Three headstones were viewed which had the Sullivan name, all of which are noted as being from Denbawn.  These could possibly be relations, but at this time, no connection is known.

Photos: Elaine Beaudoin, 2011

Carrickaboy Glebe Old Graveyard

The closest cemetery to Dennbane/Dennbawn and the land where the Sullivan/Soraghan's lived is a little over a mile away at Carrickaboy Glebe.  There are two cemeteries, one which looks like it is from the 1800s with a couple of new graves and the one across the street which is currently in use.  The cemetery is served by St. Matthew's Church Drumavaddy.

Here are a few photos of the old cemetery.   You can see the stones are all covered with lichen.

To the right in this photo, you can see a recent burial, but it was one of only a couple from the 20th century.

The gravestones were nearly impossible to read and no Soraghan/Sullivan names could be found.

Photos: Elaine Beaudoin, 2011

Roman Catholic Parish of Denn, County Cavan

The Soraghan/Sullivans lived in the Roman Catholic Parish of Denn.  The following is  from the Parish of Denn's Website:

 Parish of Denn
Welcome to the Roman Catholic parish of Denn. Denn is a rural parish of lovely drumlin hills which is located in the diocese of Kilmore and the county of Cavan in Ireland 
The parish is tucked-in between the towns of Cavan and Ballyjamesduff and the two small mountains Slieve Glath and Ardkill. The village of Crosskeys is situated near the centre of the parish.
We hope that this website will help you to learn more about our parish. You will learn about our two churches, St Matthew’s in Drumavaddy and St Matthew’s in Crosskeys. You will learn about Mass times and the weekly parish newsletter will keep you up to date on what is happening. You will also learn about the parish personnel - the priests and people on the various parish committees.   
We welcome especially all natives of Denn who are living elsewhere in Ireland or scattered throughout the world. We hope that this website will help to keep you in touch with your native parish. We hope too that those whose parents or ancestors come from this parish will learn more about their origins.  This website will direct you where to contact if you wish to learn more about parish records relating to your ancestors. We hope that those too whose parents or ancestors come from this parish will learn more about their place of origin.  

For more information regarding the Roman Catholic Parish of Denn see their website at:

When I was in Ireland, I visited both Churches.  It is believed the church in Drumavaddy is most likely the church the Soraghans would have frequented as it is closer to where they lived.

St. Matthew, Drumavaddy

St. Matthew,Crosskeys
  Both Churches have been recently renovated.

 Photos: Elaine Beaudoin, 2011